Best way to migrate to larger SSD?

Hello everyone!

I have a laptop with an SSD and an HDD. The SSD on my laptop is completely dedicated to hosting Endeavour OS with BTRFS and LUKS encryption with Timeshift snapshots, no other systems installed on it, while the HDD I mostly use to store expandable downloads and non-essential stuff.

I want to switch the SSD with Endeavour to a larger SSD, keeping all my configurations, BTRFS snapshots, files – in other words, a perfect copy of my current system. I’m thinking of doing it like this:

  1. Create a live installation of Clonezilla;
  2. Use Clonezilla to create a perfect copy of the SSD as a partition (or a file, I don’t know if that’s possible) in the internal HDD;
  3. After swapping the current SSD for the new, larger SSD, use Clonezilla again to clone the partition on the HDD into the new SSD.

Would this the best way to go about it or do you wonderful people know of a better way?

Thanks a lot in advance.

there is a little pitfall with clonezilla ,
it s for duplicates partitions , blocks with same size and uuids

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With clonezilla you’d be stuck with the same size partitions, and resizing luks partitions is messy.

I have used both rsync

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… and partclone to move / clone a system to a different ssd.

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Techniques are very similar, except you copy files with rsync and restore a file system with partclone, then make the required alterations. Partclone may be easier if you don’t want to manually setup your btrfs config, just be aware of possible duplicate UUIDs.

Process looks more complicated than it actually is, most of the work is manual partitioning, encryption and bootloader config.


I am not very familiar with btrfs and clonezilla, but I would do it with “btrfs send/receive”.
Create a LUKS partition on the new SSD and send the btrfs filesystem to it. That would also include all snapshots. After that you chroot to the new ssd, correct /etc/fstab for new UUIDs and install grub on new SSD. That should be it.


Thanks a lot for the input!

I’ll look into that, thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Thanks for the warning! I’ll probably go for another approach.