Best Personal Streaming Video server

I download movies in the old fashioned way and watch them on the latest EOS. However, my spouse has a corporate windoze laptop and Android phone. Is is possible for me to stream the downloaded videos with subtitles, so that she can watch the streaming movies from her devices (within our home network).
I also happen to run Apache / PHP server for development purpose.
Can someone suggest me an idea. I was able to do this on VLC before. Now I have ditched VLC, is there any this.

Have you heard of Kodi or Plex.

I use Stremio, but i don’t have local media files, I think thats possible too.

Stremio is very simple to setup. Needs email reg.
Kodi needs some time to invest when setting up.

Allway’s be carefull with 3th party addons.

Duckduck : media server for linux.

i got many option from duckduck, but was looking forward from your experience and advise guys. will try stremio.

Edit: For like Stremio and Kodi, you need to activate / install add-ons to get things to work.

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I never looked at how to access local media files with Stremio.

duckduck : how to access local file with stremio.

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Probably a redundant comment.
Always use a vpn.

I believe Stremio does not work without a vpn connection.

sorry, if i was not clear. i wanted to to stream the downloaded movies within my home network. so technically, i wont even need an internet* to stream, just a LAN should do the job.

  • assuming the movie is downloaded already

You are right. Thats only needed hen watching torrents from the net.
You were clear.

but for stremio, i am not sure. Because you have to sign in to work with Stremio. Not sure if a vpn is needed for that, even when you only watch local.

I will have a look at that.

edit: For stremio, this is not an option for you. It needs internet connection all time.

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Sounds like you’re wanting to setup something like Plex or Emby?

I haven’t tried the latter, but Plex is easy enough to setup.

On the PC you want to run it, type yay plex-media-server, let it install,

sudo systemctl start plexmediaserver

sudo systemctl enable plexmediaserver

Then just open your browser, go to and run through the configuration and tell it where your media files are. Your wife should then be able to browse to http://ip.of.your.plex:32400 - just don’t forget to open port 32400 on the firewall.

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What about Tbinge.

Looks very simple.

I use Jellyfin and it works perfectly.

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I use serviio, works on my Samsung TV and is easier than plex to setup.

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