Best path for installing CUDA?

So, I just installed EndeavourOS, am not totally sure how the driver situation works (would be great if someone could explain that to me too) and am trying to install CUDA for blender/crypto mining. What is the best path for me to do this? When i did this on Ubuntu i ended up having 2 Nvidia drivers installed at once and kinda effed it all up.

I don’t do crypto or blender, but use cuda in my work.
According to the arch wiki for Blender, you need to install cuda. From a terminal:

sudo pacman -S cuda

I assume you have Nvidia drivers installed?
There is lots of info on the arch wiki. I personally have the following installed:

extra/cuda 12.4.1-1 [installed]                                                                         
extra/cudnn [installed]                                                                      
extra/egl-wayland 2:1.1.13-1 [installed]                                                                
extra/libvdpau 1.5-2 [installed]                                                                        
extra/nvidia 550.76-2 [installed]                                                                       
extra/nvidia-lts 1:550.76-3 [installed]                                                                 
extra/nvidia-utils 550.76-3 [installed]                                                                 
extra/nvtop 3.1.0-1 [installed]                                                                         
extra/opencl-nvidia 550.76-3 [installed]   

At a minimum, you’ll probably need to install nvidia. If you are running the lts kernel, you’ll want nvidia-lts. Perhaps nvidia-utils.
That should get you started.

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