Best Download Manager with Built in proxy support?

Hi, I am looking for a download manager which has built in proxy support like IDM. Please let me know if you know any.

1 uGet:

  • Proxy Support: uGet supports proxy configuration where you can set up HTTP, HTTPS, FTP proxies directly within the application.

  • Features: It offers multi-connection downloads, batch downloading, clipboard monitoring, and integrates well with browsers via browser extensions.

  • Installation: You can install it from the official repositories using:
    sudo pacman -S uget


  • Proxy Support: aria2 supports HTTP and SOCKS proxy protocols. You can configure proxies directly in its configuration file or via command-line options.

  • Features: It is highly versatile, supporting multi-protocol downloads (HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, etc.), segmented downloading, and remote control through RPC interfaces.

  • Installation: Install aria2 from the official repositories:

sudo pacman -S aria2

Persepolis Download Manager:

  • Proxy Support: Persepolis supports proxy configuration for HTTP and SOCKS proxies.

  • Features: It has a clean GUI, supports segmented downloading, queue management, and integrates with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

  • Installation: Install Persepolis from AUR (Arch User Repository) using an AUR helper like
    yay -S persepolis

How to Set Proxy in Download Managers:

  • uGet: Proxy settings can be configured under Edit -> Settings -> Proxy.

  • aria2: Proxy settings are configured either via command-line options or in the aria2.conf configuration file (http-proxy, https-proxy, ftp-proxy, all-proxy options).

  • Xtreme Download Manager (XDM): Proxy settings are available under Tools -> Proxy Configuration.

  • Persepolis Download Manager: Proxy settings can be configured under Edit -> Network -> Network Settings.

It’s on Arch’s official repository btw.