Best desktop for this laptop?

So, i’m new to this, since this is the first time i’m gonna be using linux as my main OS in a computer, but i use an ASUS A541 which has an Intel Dual-Core N3060, and integrated graphics.

The desktop i’ve selected is the lightweight one directed for older tech, but it has just been giving me trouble, since it gets stuck in “Reached Graphics Interface”, or it decides to load the desktop enviroment but with no desktop loaded and only windows, it gets really trippy.

So, any idea of what desktop enviroments could run in this old-looking-chunkofjunk? This is the first time i’ve gotten a personal laptop, and since it’s an old one, i can only use lightweight OS’, because windows runs AWFULLY in this, and i liked the way endeavourOS looked.

Sorry if i’m not in the right category, and if this is too long, by the way.

Can we see inxi -Fxxxz

How do i copy the info into a usb?

Just post it here.

Do i just show a picture of my screen or something? I can’t log into the desktop enviroment, or open the browser in my laptop due to that.

You can use eos-sendlog which will upload it to a pastebin service. Then just type the link here.

i tried running the command and it just, doesn’t do anything, even if i wait alot.

Hola @ArthurAnims!

This is what you need to run in a terminal:

inxi -Fxxxz | eos-sendlog

It should output a URL which you could take a note of and post on your reply. Please note that for it to work you need an Internet connection.

oh, maybe that’s why it wasn’t working. i think i can’t even get internet connection just because the desktop enviroment doesn’t load, unless there’s a way to connect to one thru the terminal that’s out of my knowledge

Try nmtui in the terminal.

huh. seems like i’m connected, no idea why it isn’t outputting a link then.


inxi -Fxxxz | curl -F 'f:1=<-'

If you have internet connection then it should give a URL.

alright yeah, now it actually worked. here ya go.

What is it exactly ? I wonder which lightweight desktop would use GDM as display manager.

Kernel: 5.15.81-1-lts arch: x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 12.2.0 Console: tty 2 DM: GDM

If you’re looking for something light, try LXQT or LXDE or, if it’s not enough, Icewm.

i switched to gdm myself just to check if that would fix the desktop bg being closed windows (imagine it like a broken skybox in a source game) (it also did not fix it)
and yeah, i’m using LXDE, which is what i meant by “desktop for older tech”, yet the desktop manager doesn’t seem to load once i login. (which i ASSUME is the reason why the bg is like that)

You could try to disable the display manager :

systemctl disable display-manager.service

reboot, log in console and start LXDE without the DM.


just to be sure the DM is the problem.

You can probably run on any DE you want on that.

I ran plasma on a similar spec machine.

Try uninstalling xf86-video-intel and see if that helps at all.

seems like switching to plasma kde works, thanks for the help.

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thought, sometimes it gets stuck in Started Hostname Service (or goes back to the console startup screen during the DE loading process), idk why. (which forces me to constantly restart)

I am partial to Openbox and Mate. Lately I have been playing around with Xfce a bit since I do like some aspects of it but dislike some aspects of it. Kind of a 50/50 feeling towards it.