Benefits to Discover on EOS/Arch?

I’ve seen posts here, and elswhere, about Discover on EOS and/or Arch. Since it is NOT recommended to use Discover for updating and installing on EOS/Arch, what benefits are there? I know that Discover can be configured for Flathub. But other than that, what’s the point?

I use it to check for theme and extension updates for plasma
EDIT though I still prefer to download myself


gnome-software and discover are fraternal twins in looks, to me. I heard cosmic was good too. I don’t actually use this stuff by I like the idea of it.
These are all bells & whistles sofware centers and are getting popular. Bells and whistles means these newer ones also incorporate bios/firmware updates, and centralized flatpak management and updates.
So they are evolved a little beyond basic software centers. Everyone LOVEs a GUI…
but like @smokey , I prefer the terminal for all the pacman/yay business.

At the end of the day that’s all its going to be for discover, et al: gui or terminal preference of the user.

edit: if I were to go that direction down the road the real selling point to is the reminder to do bios/firmware updates. I do not know what other app would remind me than that


Searching maybe?

It’s built and designed for ubuntu/rhel, it just is a dependency for the DE. Think of it as an appendix in Arch. It’s there, but it doesn’t do anything really.