Beautiful/funny Wallpapers

Sometimes in my travels, whether it be in a vehicle or via the internet, I find a few pictures that possibly would make a wonderful wallpaper or it just makes me laugh. Since this pandemic has left many of us housebound, I thought this place would be a great spot to put photos of local nature or humour in the forum. Heavens knows we need a good laugh or a calm moment these days!

So I’ll start:


Here’s a nice looking picture that just randomly popped up in a new tab in Firefox

I’ll add a couple more, the extension is called tabliss if anyone is curious. You can adjust the settings to remove the greeting and clock, or add more widgets. It also gives you the link to the original image


Very nice! I’ll have to check out that Firefox extension.

Here are a couple of pictures that I have.
The first one is the final picture that Cassini took before it burned up in Saturn’s atmosphere.

The second image: I bought LED headlights off of Amazon. Unfortunately translating Mandarin to English doesn’t work too well - as you can see.


lol, that reminds me of a site I used to visit years ago called

I just checked it out again