Beatsaudio driver or equivalent available? (solution found)

So my laptop comes with beatsaudio compatible speakers + driver. To be honest, the experience is so gobble gobble cool, great bass and quality from tiny speakers! However, I want to have the same experience on Linux. Sadly I haven’t found anything that can replicate the same feeling. Pulseeffects with pulseaudio configs didn’t work, neither easyeffects with pipewire. Has anyone found a good tweak for great sound quality and beatsaudio-like sound effects? Thank you and gobble gobble!

From some quick searching, it looks like this is a proprietary system that isn’t available under Linux,

Let’s see if anything has happened since 2013…

This thread,, leads to

From this, it looks like you’ll have to set the audio jacks to make sure that all speakers are connected and active.

Maybe this could be useful?

Interesting. This guide seems to be more oriented to speaker drivers instead of improving the speakers quality

Yup. From the various threads I’ve read, it looks like the Beat Audio stuff is very closed so won’t work fully without Beat’s own driver package. :man_shrugging:

I thought maybe it’s just worth looking at what they were saying.

Okkkk so I found something that might have solve my problem. Apparently I have to use hdajackrejack (install alsa-base-gui), open it, check “show unconnected pins” and “model=auto”, then (since I use a realtek module) override pin 0x17 to internal speaker LFE (something similar to it). After applying, you should notice a change in speaker quality. It is not using your laptop subwoofer. Great! But, you must tweak the sound quality since after this method, you get pretty flat sound. Do not close hdajackrejack, we will need it later. So install pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa or easyeffects(if you use pipewire). Pulseaudio equalizer → select perfect EQ/Headphones/Laptop (what sounds best for your device obviously), then save. Easyeffects → add equalizer module, go to equalizer and select perfect EQ preset. If everything works smoothly after everything we’ve done, go back to HDAjackrejack and click the option “write boot override”(or something similar). Reboot and enjoy your beatsaudio-like windows driver sound quality. You won’t get 1:1 sound quality from windows to linux when it comes to beatsaudio…but blame Apple for that.

I think it did say you had to use jack. :thinking:

You did, however that guide is for a different codec

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