Bauh or Pamac

Hi, Today i installed endeavouros, which is so smooth and fast

But as former manjaro user
I prefer gui over terminal

Can u give me suggestion that, which package manager work great with endeavour os

Bauh or pamac?

Just loved endeavouros :slight_smile:


bauh will work more reliably on a non-Manjaro arch-based distro.

pamac targets Manjaro and will sometimes be broken on Arch.

Also, welcome!


Link :

Pamac is listed on arch wiki.
Why bauh is not listed on arch wiki?

Aren’t they both do the same job!

The Arch wiki is community maintained. It just means nobody has added it.

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Or maybe the page is not updated yet

I frequently use pamac resp. pamac-manager and it works just fine for me. If you are used to that tool just stick to it.

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So much fast responses,

I had never seen this in any other linux forum

There is something special on this forum



I’ve tried bauh since dalto mentioned it a couple of days ago, but it’s not my cup of coffee.
Been using pamac for a long time and if it breaks on Enos it is also broken on Manjaro.:laughing:

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Same here, pamac ui is so perfect

Not really. Manjaro holds back packages so that pamac isn’t broken there when it is broken on Arch.

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What I don’t understand is: why you would want to use a graphical package manager on a terminal-centric distro? You’re just setting yourself up for trouble.

yay works perfectly well, it almost never breaks.

If you really want to use pamac, why not just install Manjaro?

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And also sometimes pamac just freeze

Havnt tried bauh yet!

Well, people like me (aka formal manjaro users)

We are not terminal centric

There are file manager that works in terminal

But you still use gui based file manager.

Because its easy to use

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Then your choice of EndeavourOS is a bit strange. I’m not saying it is wrong to prefer GUI over terminal, but insisting on EndeavourOS is a bit like ordering macaroni & cheese at a restaurant, while at the same time saying “I don’t really like cheese”…

Personally, I don’t really use a GUI file manager, but that is beside the point and the analogy is bad.

When a file manager breaks, that’s not nearly as much as of a problem as when your package manager breaks.

There is nothing difficult about using yay.

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I would love to learn these commands

But it will take some time

So for now i will stick with gui

Just curious, why did you switch from Manjaro to EndeavourOS? What do you like about EndeavourOS more than Manjaro?

Would you use it for installing/updating from the “regular” repos (in pacman.conf) as well or only for AUR? I was told today in another thread that a separation between pacman and yay is to be preferred (or rather practiced).

Because i want to step up my linux journy

I started with
Then manjaro
Now endeavouros

Because endeavouros is so pure
There is significant performance difference between it and manjaro

Unless you have a highly specialized use case, there is no reason to use multiple commands. yay already updates the repos before updating AUR packages.


Simply because running


does exactly the same thing as running

sudo pacman -Syu && yay -Sua

but with less typing.