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Hi folks,

Having just turned 70 and with numb fingers and hands extensively damaged by peripheral neuropathy–I decided to learn the Bass (guitar). But I’m new–I have never played a musical instrument in my life, other than vocals.

Other than YouTube videos and Fender Play, I’m very limited in instructional and musical scope. I need more help. I did find TuxGuitar in the AUR and it looks very promising. After I install and try using it, I’ll report back with my results.

My questions are related. Does or has anyone here ever used TuxGuitar and, if so, was it useful? And if you were a beginner bassist (or other) did it help you with playing, learning and tabulation? My final question is, are there other guitar-related software applications anyone would recommend?

I have also posted this request in the Garuda Forums to give it a little wider exposure. Since many of us are members of both forums, please disregard this post if you’ve already answered there. It is also specialty software and not in huge use. So please forgive my internet gaucherie. :smiley:

It’s a beautiful beginners Squier Affinity PJ Bass. I have fallen in love. :smiley:


i dont know… spatry cups of linux also becomme of age :slight_smile:
lately lot of guitar stuf

Tonelib GFX on Arch Linux Part TWO - YouTube , check his channel he have a few titles lately…
guitar software

edit: seems i read the question half :slight_smile: sorry

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No sorries needed. This is right in there with what I was looking to find. Thank you!

OTOH, I had no idea Spatry was still around.

Its pitty cupsoflinux goes down he has to carr of its mother. But last videos he did was more in range guitarsoftware on linux. He is not fully stoppee probably made its own market. And is no weekly anymore just spatry keep it low i think

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Happy Birthday btw.

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Gosh, thanks! :smiley:

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