Basilisk project has been restarted

Hi everyone,
lately I red that the Basilisk-Web-Browser-Project has been restarted.

Even at this stage Basilisk has been blocked by Discourse-Forums I managed to
use this addon:
and the filter string from this forum-page:

Also to be mentioned this addon, to import logins

an also an ad blocker:

I am really fed up with Mozilla, giving me each day something new to
get angry about like most of the days.
I hope Basilisk project rises, to replace Mozilla, that would be something
indeed :slight_smile:

p.s. I just did write this post using Basilisk web browser : - )



Edit: No need to get angry! It doesn’t help.


it helps to communicate, that those Mozilla programmers are continuously
steadily, destroying an important open source project,
Firefox actually can not import logins as csv import,
also destroying users profile on a regular
basis. Firefox browser user interface is getting worse with each ascending version…
All that mess also flows in into Librewolf and Seamonkey … here is just one
example between many others …

as to this example, why the hell can not those programmers migrate
user profiles to the next version. They just say, sorry your profile is to old.
This sounds funny indeed, but also sad.

While Firefox is great, I too am getting sick of Chromium-Firefox duopoly. Especially since Mozilla is mostly funded by Goolag as the controlled oppositon to Chromium monopoly.

It’s way past time for a new player to enter the browser arena.

You shouldn’t be using a browser to store your passwords, especially on some server. Instead, use a dedicated, Free password manager that keeps all data strictly locally. Like KeePassXC.

Also, CSV, being unencrypted plain text, is terrible for storing passwords, even temporarily.


I have no issue with Firefox. Same as i have no issue with KDE. It’s a developer edition and if you are moving from one edition to another i get that.

so if I go to a newer kde you suggest, kde would tell me your home directory is to old, make a new one, system wont boot? I stick with kde since kde3 so I can not confirm.

Now you’re just getting worked up again. :peace_symbol:

Firefox is not great, is great at getting worse year by year. and also entangled with google.

And to your other remark, I have seen not to few fellows loosing data just because of
encrytption. But Microsoft is glad then to say, so you need a cloud storage. Should we encrypt it for you : - ) ?

I personally think this issue with Firefox browser is overblown. It is compared to most other browsers superior.


I have zero issues with FF, use it everyday at work… But I don’t use that many extensions.

How did you install it? From source?

( as binary ) links and descriptions to necessary addons are in my first post on this page.

I switch quite often clients and move from one to an other, an ff does not move with me, even as I had a sync account, not every client settings are synced back.

As I read this news, I remembered how long ago I used Palemoon and Basilisk. I started testing Palemoon when I was fed up with Firefox. Maybe one of my machines even has Palemoon and Basilisk installed,I remember using it on Windows rather than Linux, I used the Basilisk even less often than Palemoon, which was my primary of the two. What I like about these alternative browsers is that they are not overly decorated and only contain the necessary features.
Of course, there aren’t as many extensions for these browsers as there are for Firefox. What was the basic difference between Palemoon and Basilisk? It seems to me that Palemoon had a different engine than Basilisk, and that Basilisk only had a 64-bit edition, but if that’s not the case, someone will correct me.

that is right, an other engine, I am keeping them both installed, and now using basilisk instead of ff

sorry :slight_smile:

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