Banned from EndeavourOS Telegram?

Hello, I was banned from EndeavourOS Telegram for no reason, apparently. Can anyone help me? I don’t think I have written anything at all?

Banned for inactivity?

It could be the reason. I just only read the messages. But is this a causal?

What is your user name eventuar user pic… or is first login you entered captcha?

I do remove possible spam sure it can have mistake captcha dont work 100% sorry for that how long was you logged in?

I’m a new user who joined the Telegram for one day before being banned. Still banned now. I have never even posted on your channel.

what us your user name. ? like this.

sorry if i did that. is not personal. We do sometimes / remove ban tbecause lot of spambot hanging in the channel.

removed/banned mayby because the username logic comes close of those of the bots.

ok found it. normal you can log backagain. sorry for that.

tag me @ringo32 then wil see it

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