Banished from telegram

Guys I have been banished from the telegram, I have no clue about what could have happened. Could you please give me a hand?

Here you go: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t5:


You might get some assistance here:
r/Telegram (Reddit)

But here’s a hand, nonetheless…


One would think you would have to contact telegram directly. :person_shrugging:


you escaped :clown_face:-world you should be happy. (editorial over).

still, to answer your question “banned telegram” in DDG yields:

  1. a crapload of articles saying why you got banned
  2. a crapload of articles saying what you can do about it to restore it.

try a search engine–everything you desire to know is in the first 5 articles.
to your credit, if you are truly confused, then according to my reading it doesn’t take much to get banned and their reasons are murky and generalized sometimes. You wouldn’t be the first one scratching their head.

I scratch my head a lot. It doesn’t take much here sometimes. :laughing:




What was user name and alias?

Because there is lot bots. I remove daily accounts that not respons. Also if there bitcoin user image. Wil look to it.

And you have to use an calculator to come in. Some people dont loook also

Cannot recal more info helps

vfbsilva, I don´;t even get to see the calculator

A bot gives you some example 1+1. You have to answer 2.

I have been banned, I don´t get to see the bot I don´t even see the channel on the lists

Banned from EOS telegram group or banned from Telegram as whole platform i.e. all groups/channels/new conversations?

EOS telegram group.

Should be fixed now…

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it did work thanks a lot!

Best is introduce a bit

Sometimes i remove accounts no messages online znd perfect pictures. If noone introduce is hard to decide… Lot bots login and said nothing day laatet with spam that why