Backing up endeavor OS

Is there a way to backup my endeavourOS like acronis image for windows? It would be really neat to have a usb installer like rufus makes. Open to any solution really though.

Clonezilla has a live USB version you can use to make images.

There is also Redo Rescue but I have never used that one personally.

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If you want Clonezilla but with a more approachable GUI:

Wow quick replies. Thanks I’ll check these out

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With a rolling release distro such as EndeavourOS (i.e. any Arch based system), image backups will date very quickly and may not be helpful for too long. It is better to keep backups of your data, list of installed programs, and settings, and apply those to a freshly installed system if the need should arise.


I’ll keep this in mind. I will probably proceed with an image backup because my install configuration is a bit of a headache for me.

your dot files should be the thing to concern yourself with saving not the entire OS. All your configurations should be in /home normally under /home/$USER/.config a quick backup of home will make re configuring a breeze.

Adding to the comment above (from thefrog) I can say that stow is great for collecting all dotfiles in one place which is then very easy to put into a git repo and push somewhere (for example github).