Background is reset after reboot or logout

I just finished installing EndeavourOS with I3 and having issue that when i logout or reboot my laptop the background is set back to the default one. I am setting it with the “Choose wallpaper” option in the welcome app. I have also tried doing it manually with the feh package with feh --bg-set ~/Downloads/1.png, and the background is set fine but still resets after logout.

Anyone know what is happening?

You can use feh or nitrogen.

Is it possible something in your home directory is owned by root and the change isn’t being allowed to stick due to permissions?

I think is not issue with permissions since feh is writing correctly to ~/.fehbg

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Does it work if you put
feh --bg-set ~/Downloads/1.png
into ~/.profile?

Or perhaps:

exec_always --no-startup-id  feh --bg-set ~/Downloads/1.png


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Adding the feh command to .profile works. But after about 1 second it is reset back to the default wallpaper again. So somewhere else it must be setting the default wallpaper on boot

Look into your i3 config file.
Look for something like:

# set wallpaper
exec --no-startup-id nitrogen --restore
#exec --no-startup-id feh --bg-fill /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/endeavouros_i3.png

What do you have in there?

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Alright I looked in ~/config/i3/config and commented out the exec --no-startup-id nitrogen --restore Line. Now it works. Thanks a lot for the help.

So issue was that I was using feh to set wallpaper but nitrogen was restoring to default wallpaper and overwriting the changes.

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Glad you got it sorted out!

And welcome to EnOS’ forum!




Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try, and welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Thanks, I added a bit more info on what I did and marked as solved :+1:

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