Back to using Endeavour OS

I ended up using Endeavour OS as my main OS because the audio with my nvidia card didn’t work well when my nvidia graphics card was passed through to a Windows VM whereas it was fine when passed through to Endeavour. As I was teaching online using Zoom this was very important.

After that due to the fact that I was using linux when I upgraded my graphics card I went for an AMD card.

Because I’m running my desktop OS on top of a linux hypervisor it actually ended up that I could passthrough the AMD card to Windows with no issues. As a gamer, while the work that GloriousEggroll does is amazing I ended up back on Windows. Laargely because I wanted to play PC games on my LGC1.

Unfortunately some of the tasks I want to do don’t work very nicely in docker, so I needed to spin up a VM for syncing my online storage accounts and running calibre. Obviously I chose linux for the lower memory requirments and smooth access to my shared storage through NFS. As a result I’m happy to be an Endeavour user again.


Welcome back!

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Whoa…what a journey!

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Endeavour inception

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