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After a brief time spent with KDE, I came back to Gnome. :alien:
Because KDE is, for me, too complicated and doesn’t have the aesthetics of Gnome. :face_with_monocle:
Admittedly, Gnome requires adjustments that are sometimes difficult to find.
But with the help of extensions, you can practically transform Gnome into KDE, Ouinedaube or Macoaisse…
Thank you all for the recent support and long life to Endeavor OS! :enos_flag: :rocketa_purple:


That sounds like what I have done with mine :rofl:

needs me AI to understand the word :wink:
could be also to early and not the right dose of caffein :coffee:

“Ouinedaube” seems to be a derogatory term used to refer to Microsoft Windows. It is likely a play on the French word “Windows” (Fenêtres) and the English word “andouille” (a type of sausage), which means something like “Windows fools”. It is not a commonly used term and might be considered inappropriate in some contexts.

Based on the context you provided, it seems that “Ouinedaube” and “Macoaisse” are being used as humorous variations of the operating systems Windows and macOS, respectively. The suggestion is that with the help of extensions, Gnome can be transformed to resemble these other operating systems in appearance and functionality to some extent.


I’ve been considering switching over to GNOME for a few weeks now but everytime I go to do it I remember that every other time I’ve switched to it I’ve went running back to KDE within a week


Never heard of this in my “brief” 62 years on the planet :rofl: . All spent in th UK.

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Exactly the same with me!
But in the opposite direction :rofl:


There is an extension for that in GNOME :wink:

Haha, I’ll learn one day…

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but …


Arch is still on 43.
If you are awake enough to be on 44, probably you are on something stronger than caffeine :rofl:

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Caffeine is the best!


He is on coffein :grin:

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He must be running all the .git version of everything then being that speedy :sweat_smile:

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Maybe need to try a different approach, keyboard shortcuts plus gestures. Gnome, just think different :wink:




My current desktop



Or something traditional:

  1. dash-to-panel > panel at the bottom > arc menu (choose the menu layout) > pin your favorite apps on the panel > customize the panel and the menu to your liking

  2. hide-topbar to do exactly that



I think this would be more my approach, pretty much everything I use in KDE is pinned to the taskbar, I only ever open the menu to get to a couple of programs that I don’t use too frequently. I even have an extension on the taskbar to shutdown etc

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Both dash-to-panel and arc-menu are quite versatile.

If you ever want to give GNOME a try, I think you could achieve something along the line of the layout you mention.

You can use hide-topbar and set it to always hide. You would need to look at its settings to see what options are available. It was a quite while ago I used it so I don’t remember everything.

For that you don’t even need a menu pinned on your panel. Press super key and start typing the name of the application. It will show up and and you can launch it from there.

Apart from other “restrictions” you may encounter on GNOME making you running back to KDE ( :wink:) I think you could achieve a similar layout.


I I’ll have to give it a go now, I just have to figure out what I did to get the game I’m currently playing running first or finish off the game (might be quicker lol).

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What is “custom” theme? Dark works great! And my grey background still looks good.

Gnome has taken a page right out of Ford’s playbook. When referring to the model T:

“You can have it in any color you want, as long as it is black.” - Henry Ford.

That’s good enough for me.