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I really like Linux and switch Distros a lot just to learn new things. I have a 11th Gen Intel NUC 1165G7 from ASrock IND that I can do with what I like and not impact anyone else in the house, so that’s my play system. So EOS is back on it because I was having issues with what should have been easier installs. The help I get in this forum is the best.

I started with Unix before Linux, System V Release 4 from AT&T. It was only about 50 5 1/4" floppies to install on an Intel 486.

I only have one Windows 11 system in the house because the new laptop came with it. If I could find a Linux replacement for MasterCook recipe program, I’d reformat that laptop and be 100% Linux.


Welcome back.

So that’s the only reason you are using a spyware operating system? :rofl:

Can’t you run in in Wine? Also, why do you need a specialised proprietary software to write recipes? I write my recipes in plain text, using a text editor.

Welcome home @jfabernathy! :rocket:

Welcome back “home”.
Same here… I have been distrohopping fro almost a year, with distros surviving only for a few days to even a few hours.
My experience is that Arch based are the best and EndeavourOS is the best of the best.

This is the reason why EndeavourOS is the best of the best. I could even get support for non EOS specific apps better, faster than I got even from the developers.
I just s

Go ahead here you are

I always use this website to find whatever I need.
Unfortunately many people say oh… no Linux… it lacks software…!
I believe not. At least for most users.

Welcome back home and I hope the link I gave above is of help.

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Welcome back to Linux and the forum!

Some people do not like flavours of <put-your-favourite-text-editor-here>. :face_with_monocle:

The problem with recipes is there is a lot of them and there is history. We started using MacGourmet back when Apple supported their OS but now that they kill support for their OS long before the hardware is useless, We moved to MasterCook on Windows because we got Windows with the new laptop and Mastercook could import the thousand odd recipes. I’ve looked at the recommended Linux programs but they are all dead projects with serious bugs. I even tried to communicate with the developers and join the project, but no one ever responded. The real downside to firing up Windows to print a recipe is it always wants to update itself and that slows down everything. It does however remind me why I moved to Linux in the 1990s.

Welcome back :boomerang: :smiley:

I do that also for recipes that are only for personal use.

Some of my better recipes that friends and relatives ask for, I put them on my Web Site. Then they can access them any time day or night.