AwesomeWM setup

I installed awesome (via this command sudo pacman -S awesome) and it installed correctly and it works fine.

I want to install Red Flat theme.

So I got cloned it and I put the entire directory under ~/.config/awesome as stated in its file.

Then edit rc.lua to select wanted config.

Start with Colorless

Config rc-colorless.lua is basic setup. It provide general features only and should work without any additional editing. After installing colorless config you can set you own colors, fonts, hotkeys and then start porting wanted widgets from colored configs. It’s the most safe and reliable way to use this config.

Start with Colors

Colored are author’s personal configs. It’s full featured setup filled with widgets preconfigured for certain software and hardware environment. Should be carefully edited and adapted before using. This way suitable mostly to experienced awesome users. Some things to pay attention:

  • Better to disable desktop section from the start. There a lot of hardware specific widgets which can be configured later.
  • Third party user applications set in environment and autostart sections.
  • Carefully check “Panel widgets” section, reconfigure or disable widgets there. Do not forget remove disabled panel widgets from awful.screen.connect_for_each_screen function.
  • Rules and hotkeys are another parts of config which definitely need revising.

So under rc.lua I have this.

--                                                   Base setup                                                      --

-- Configuration file selection
--local rc = "colorless.rc-colorless"

--local rc = ""
--local rc = ""
--local rc = ""
--local rc = ""

local rc = "shade.ruby.rc-ruby"
--local rc = "shade.steel.rc-steel"


So I am not too sure what I am supposed to modify.

if you not known much on lua , if you look at , there is a bunch of dot files can be handy from that point bit of pieces you can change offcourse :slight_smile:

So how do I use it to install the theme? Sorry I am not very knowledgeable on this?

fairly i also not lot information is here :

i think awesome will look somewhere in /etc/xdg/awesome/ if there isn’t zo in your hidden map of .config you have to make awesome folder as on wiki

further on is many dot files and pictures you can compare it. but you have to read first i dont know what they use for menu.

like in you need then archlinux-xdg-menu from repo…

if you look picture experiment with it will be fine but make sure you have something beside awesomeWM and if you have working config backup it first

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but if you have theme.lua as example you have to place it in ~/.config/awesome

like the other rc.lua

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It turns out something was wrong with the download folder so I git cloned it again and it works.

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