AwesomeWM Community Edition

I’m putting this here because there’s no sub-cat under “Desktop Environments”. I’ve had this finished some time back. It was ready for the installer but I had some time away from the forum and it got marked as unmaintained. It’s not unmaintained. I’ve reached the end of tweaking it. AwesomeWM is almost a complete dynamic windows manager. And from my experience, it’s a solid WM. Pretty easy to maintain and configure.

I waited to see a release but didn’t happen so I’m putting it here so anyone interested in using Endeavour OS with AwesomeWM can.

Below are some screenshots to show you guys how it looks.

The login screen uses the slick-greater on top of lightDM (the black screen is caused by FlameShot). It uses the default Endeavour wallpaper.


Desktop with help. Lists all the keybindings.


With VSCode.

Awesome main menu.

Awesome menu bar.

If you like what you see you can download it from below GitHub repos.

  • My repo
  • EOS CE repo ← It’s not unmaintained I need to hear from the users so I can adjust stuff.

Weird, I was thinking of this past project that went silent earlier in the week. Very cool to hear it’s still alive. I’m sure some intrepid users will try it out and use it.

Should I get the time, I may check it out, but I have my own dwm build that I live in mostly.

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Unfortunately the only WM the devs are including in future ISOs is i3. =/

Did they announce this somewhere?

Yes an email went around a while back announcing several changes, one of which pertains to support for installing WMs in Calamares:

“The third one is a big one, Galileo will be the first release that doesn’t ship the Community editions Sway, Qtile, BSPWM, Openbox, and Worm as an option in Calamares. The WM’s can be installed manually after installation but due to a lack of developers and maintainers of the community editions, we have to cut them from the ISO. The only WM that will be available is i3 but that one was never a community edition and was and still is maintained by Joe Kamprad.”

read the news:

I mark them unmaintained caused by no progress over a long time already.

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I could have just kept changing the version number. But without any feedback, I didn’t do anything. If someone has pointed out something is not working or something then I would have fixed it.

If people who created CEs are leaving them to die or not maintain them. Then there must be some kind of a problem. Might be they’re demotivated due to something. Wouldn’t that be a bigger problem in the long run? Wouldn’t be better to patch that?

Anyway, it’s not my place I questioned some design/development back then and got a ban :smiley: . But the distro is yours you guys decide what to do and where to take it.

When it comes to my CE I will be taking care of it till the day I decide to mark it dead. Or till the day die.

My mark is also only a marking you can remove that if you still maintain.
Mainly it is to get feedback and in case may find a new user maintaining.