Avoid version 5.12rc1 data loss ( swap) and no rpeair possible - wait next release

there is report of data loss on 5.12rc
be very careful


Any early kernel rc is for the brave.

Well… the brave or…



Just read the article, and I don’t see any mention of it being RC. In my experience in IT, RC refers to code that is being made available to potentially move to GR. I could be totally wrong in how the Linux kernel labels a release candidate, but as early as it is in the development process I don’t see any reason to adopt it on anything but a test machine.

It’s funny that you mention that. I used to run Mint linux like a rolling release and i would update every rc (Release Candidate) kernel version until it changed over to the next kernel. Never had any issues. This is kind of how i fell into rolling release when i found Arch through Antergos and also Manjaro.