Autostart ->Program at KDE/Plasma launch

I have looked up various pages online looking for the answer, Ive done this before and can not remember how. I wish to run a command at start up/Login “streamdeck -n”

I can do this at the prompt but it grabs output and closes when prompt closes,
I therefore if doing manualy from the prompt have to enter “nohup streamdeck -n &”.

I have created a small bash script to be run at startup, however this does not seem to function,
the only thing I can think of is IAm running ZSH rather than Bash.

Manual input from prompt
Autostart Properties

What changes / What have I done wrong?


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Go to Settings - Startup and Shutdown - Autostart
and add your script there

That was my first choice. But it still does not launch at boot/launch/login
It’s missing something!!


Try this:
move the script out of ~./config/autostart/
Add the script again from the new location in
Settings - Startup and Shutdown - Autostart

I don’t know about ZSH, but the duckduckgo says:
To use zsh explicitly, add the shebang as:

Thanks for the info-Shebang.zsh
I made a new directory in home as suggested,

Altered shebang
Reapplied chmod a+x

I tried adding it as a normal autostart
I also tried adding it as a logon script

No Joy.

Bamboozled Data

The script does work if you db-click on it?

If streamdeck is an application, you should add it as that and not as script

Hi thanks for continued efforts :slight_smile:

When I start/attempt the program/script in dolphin I get!!!
when I execute the script from the prompt It works.

To answer you : This is an python scripted program, as such it has no “application” I can confirm
that the script streamdeck(not confuse with my script) is on the command path.



python streamdeck -n


python3 streamdeck -n

in a terminal. If this works, put it into the script and see if it works.

Sorry it looks for a file or program… Phython does.


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How about (just guessing :wink:):

python /path/to/streamdeck


Grand Solved. Thanks @pebcak


python ~/.local/bin/streamdeck -n

“Solution highlighted as requested below”

@ricklinux lock pls thanks for your patience.

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Great! Glad you got it sorted out!

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