Autostart doesn´t work with 2 instances of conky

Hi @all

This is a freshly installed EOS KDE.
At system start 2 conkys should be started. Unfortunately only one is started.
First I had created 2 entries for conky in the KDE options

conky -c /home/xenox/conky_right --daemonize --pause=1
conky -c /home/xenox/conky_left --daemonize --pause=1

After a reboot the second entry was gone every time. So I put both calls in one line in the KDE autostart menu.

conky -c /home/xenox/conky_right && conky -c /home/xenox/conky_left --daemonize --pause=1

But even with this only one instance, the second one, of conky will be started.

However, I had it exactly like this before and it worked. I would be very grateful for any tips on how to fix this.

Greetings and thanks for reading.

conky -c /home/xenox/conky_right --daemonize --pause=1 &
conky -c /home/xenox/conky_left --daemonize --pause=1 &

Does that work??


Yeah, that did the trick.
Feels like crap when it was so easy in the end and I didn’t figure it out myself.

Thank you very much @xircon :+1:

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We all do it, I blame my age :rofl:

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A great advice again. I will set myself an example :nerd_face:

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