Auto-login not working after Gnome update

I installed EOS + Gnome using the 2020.09.19 ISO. I had autologin enabled and it worked fine until the 3.38 update. Now autologin doesn’t work anymore, no matter if I try to re-enabled it in my user’s profile (btw I’m using GDM and don’t have other users on this machine). Can you help me please?

Did you reboot the machine? These functions often kick in after a proper reboot and not after logging out.

Yes, I updated a few days ago so in the meantime I rebooted several times.

This is my /etc/gdm/custom.conf, it seems correct?


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It seems to be an upstream issue, just read this post for a temporary solution


Ah, thanks! Probably my .conf had the correct values because I had just tried to reenable autologin before posting but didn’t reboot.

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