Auto-determine optimal sector size for LUKS

It seems Fedora is going to use a new feature in the latest cryptsetup that allows to automatically determine the optimal sector size for LUKS, which improves performance on NVMe storage. Is Calamares/EndeavouOS going to use it also?

BTW Fedora is also going to replace SHA512 (designed to be fast, which makes it easier to brute-force) with yescrypt (designed to resist password cracking because it’s computationally expensive and hard on memory and GPU)… looks like a good idea.

Edit: just submitted a feature request directly with Arch Linux.

I believe the luks setup in Calamares is handled by kpmcore. Unless support for it ends up in that project, I think it will be tough to get it into Calamares. That being said, I am not a Calamares expert by any means so I could be wrong.

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