Given how robust DEs are, I never overly needed AHK – which was my go-to way to set up various macros and ways to auto-click the mouse. It’s Windows only and I’m unsure if it has any alternatives that function exactly the same.

I’d like to set up that IF Capslock is enabled, holding down the front shoulder button of my mouse would repeatedly leftclick. The only solution I found is this:

I think I understand the basics for xdotool, but xbindkeys is an absolute mess – it doesn’t do anything I want it to do and it hogs keys when capslock is disabled leaving them dead, I can’t understand Guile at all either. I ended up wasting an hour and a half, accomplishing absolutely nothing.

I’m well open for any alternatives or solving this mess. For the most part at the moment I just need a way to auto-click with a custom delay on holding down a button.