Aurutils - how to use?

Not sure this is the best board for the question - but I hope so :slight_smile:
Some days ago I rapped into an issue building an aur package. IBuilding failed and the reason was another aur package which needed a rebuild. “checkrebuild” has not flagged this because the package has not pointed to a vanished lib. The github of the package has stepped forward, Maintainer of the first package (which does not build) has pointed me to the problem and told me aurutils can identify such packages which need a rebuild (“VCS packages”). But this can be identified with aurutils. I have not found sufficient information how to use these tools. As I see they build a database (?) and look at this database to identify issues. But does this work for packages that are already installed - or only for new installed packages? And what is the procedure for identifying outdated VCS packages?

yay can do this as well. It tracks the latest git-commit hashes when a package is installed (~/.cache/yay/vcs.json).

yay -Syu --devel

Will build an update any VCS packages if needed.

You can also make the --devel the default option so that you just need to run yay with

yay --devel --save

Thanks for this perfect hint. It solves the issue at a very easy way!

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Not really sure that the solution to “How do I use aurutils?” is "Use yay". :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For me: it is. My problem was identifying outdated VCS packages and I thought only aurutils can do that. That was an error: yay can do it and the handling is simple.


It’s technically an XY problem (“how to identify out-of-date AUR packages” rather than "how to use aurutils), but yay will do the job either way.

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