AUR vs Snap

Building from Aur or installing from snap? most secure option to not break system??
for example, i need Acestreamp layer, for web streaming…building is take it a while. Downloading from arch linux site . need more dependecies, like acestream-data or acestream-engine. searching with yay, acestream doesnt exist.

hello ,this is the software you are looking for: acestream-player


aur is fine when the maintainer keeps it up to date,

ok :ok_hand: but why pamac need 2 h for qt4 and qtwebkit and snap just 5 minutes??

the first compiles them, second no = it could be the chef’s surprise if the person who made the snap is not serious

so no trust in snaps…? thx for answer

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Qt4 is also decapriatee and building from scratch to a little longer and base get renewed you have to recompile again with ccache makes a bit faster , snap got also all depencys in. The package and itrun different its possible that also uses bit more ram cause of that then normal

so , qt is depreciate , snap isnt safe and AUR isnt supported by arch linux… :grin: best choice to install acestream -player them? i try to stay far from snap, but compile more 4 hours just for a video player?? and try to keep AUR “closed” in pamac , but havent choices :grin: :thinking:

Or. Find something qt5 ?

something like? any alternative to acestream???

i didnt see any qt4 mmmm

you can also use mpv-acestream bnut you will get only the acestream-engine i guess or the launcher

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Yes, ended with canceled after 6 hours of compiling, and installing from snap. Yes, I choose gstreamer, not Vlc qt, when installed, and now I have mov acestream player with acestream engine. 1 snap app can’t break the system :thinking:… thx all for answering.