AUR question - tor-browser-en seems it's missing

I use tor-browser-en as one of my browsers.
It was the only tor-browser that will work for me.

It is still working, and it updated through itself instead of the OS…

My question is, is it seems to have dissapeared from the aur, did something happen to it?

i see stil tor-browser


and is updated ?

I see it too in pamac.


Unless tor-browser-en was changed to tor-browser?

This is the link for tor-browser-en


I’m using tor-browser from aur for just a few months (I always downloaded it by myself), but since I have it from aur it was never named tor-browser-en in repo, english version was plain tor-browser.

interesting, I tried tor-browser several times with having antergos and it was confusing itself with firefox (That particular day, I’m guessing)
It would be my luck I tried it on a broken day, that’s how I found tor-browser-en, it just worked.
The downside I was having was when an update came it kept doing a fresh instal and erased my addons and settings, but a few days ago, before I switched to endevour mirrors, the browser itself started installing the updates like windows would do.
I guess I just got used to that version since it was the first one that worked for me and got curious when it didn’t show in the repo.
I’ve never downloaded a package and built it from scratch, I don’t know how, that is why searching the repo with gui is nice, but I’ll have to figure it out somehow…
A newbie how to on package installs would be nice for endeavour imo.

Do you mean building a package from the AUR without an AUR-Helper? That would be something like this:

Or do you mean building a package from the source code? That would be that…

As EOS uses Arch-Packages you could start with that articles. :slight_smile:

When it comes to tor-browser, there is actually no building needed, afair there is tar file on their servers, all you have to do is to unpack it and you’re good to go.

So you can unzip it and run it and it works?

It was just so easy to do it with a gui I guess I never bothered how to do it manually.
If it’s in the repo, and the gui can do it for you,
isn’t that the point of having a gui desktop?
Now having stated that, I guess I’m in conflict of doing stuff like that manually vs why bother with a desktop.
I’m being really picky, it’s late, and have had a pull my hair out moment all day so thankyou, I would have found those eventually.
I think I understand when the wife says the kids are over-tired, she’s referring to me and my incessant babbling when I get uptight. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome. Besides, now that I read your question again maybe I misunderstood it und you were looking for something like that?
Install AUR-Packages from the terminal:

Install Packages from the repo with pacman:

Here it’s in the morning and I hadn’t had my second cup of coffee yet. :sweat_smile:

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