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I am quite happy with my EndeavourOS install and have been using it for a month at least.

When I wish to use and install AUR packages using yay I have these messages (in French, as I am French):

==> Paquets à nettoyer avant compilation (cleanBuild) ?
==> [N]Aucun [A]Tous [Ab]Annuler [I]nstallés [No]nInstallés ou (1 2 3, 1-3, ^4)

I always select N. Could you tell me more about them?

Thank you.

Salut arnauld :wave:
(hello arnauld)

J’ai fait une petite recherche pour ce qui est des packetage AUR et pour débuter en attendant les volontaires beaucoup plus connaissant que moi (c’est la nuit en Europe … ) je t’ai trouvé ce document ici:çais)

(I did a small search for the AUR packaging information to start you up, in the waiting of the very knowledgeable volunteers that are better than me (it’s nightime in Europe … ) that i found here … )

Par exemple, mon experience avec le logiciel “cpu-x” que j’installe avec yay -S cpu-x c’est juste de peser sur enter pour la première partie par défaut le [N] et le dernier je met [Y] pour enlever ce qui n’est plus nécessaire à la compilation.

(for exemple, my experience with the installation of “cpu-x” that I install with yay -S cpu-x is just to press enter for the first defaults and the last one [Y] to clean up unnessary parts that were needed for compilation.

Ceci est juste pour te partir sur la réponse de ta question, mais les connaisseurs vont mieux t’informer que moi …

(This is just to start you up to your question, but the better knowledgeable people will guide you better than me … )

bonne découverte! :slight_smile:

( Go for it, happy discoveries :slight_smile: )

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If you press enter for the questions it asks it will use the defaults which would be the the first one. If you wanted to clean build you would make that selection and it would delete the package build and fetch the latest one rather than using one that is in cache. In most instances i always just press enter unless i have an issue then i may try it with a clean build. Sometimes there are issues within the package build itself as it hasn’t been updated and it won’t work anyway until it is fixed or you know how to make a necessary change in the package build in order for it to succeed building and then install.


Thank you, I understand better :slight_smile:

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Merci, bien compris :slight_smile:

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Both of you help me understand and solved my question. Which answer should I choose then to mark the subject as solved? :slight_smile:

I flipped a coin and ricklinux’s answer won…

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