AUR helper choice at install

Why not when you boot into the live image and download Endeavour OS you get a choice of AUR helpers? That’s an idea that randomly came into my head but it seems good.

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Because any AUR helper can be easily installed after the fact so it would make the installer more complicated without adding a lot of value.

We try to keep the installer choices limited to what you need to get a basic functional system and leave the rest for after the install.

That’s actually a good point, most people probably just use yay because it works and whoever wants to change it can do it quite easily as you said.

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Maybe you can choose favorite AUR helper at The list of packages that you can choose in online installation?

While suggestions to help improve the experience are always welcomed you do have to realize that a majority of people are going to use the default (yay) which comes installed with the system. For those very few of us who wish to use something else well most of us have our AUR helper in our own package list that we install from.

if you don’t use a package file its still very simple to install the one of choice.