Audiobooks - android or linux

Hey out there. I’ve been doing a lot of walking with my pup recently - we both need it - and I’m burning through podcasts far faster than they can be broadcast.

Audible is obvoiusly out since it’s yet another way to touch the pocket of Bezos.

Where/how do y’all who listen to audiobooks get/download/listen to them. Legally is substantially better - but I’m not entirely disinterested in being PM’d about . . . your experiences in grey areas. . . of easy listening. Please do not post here openly as I obviously, and Endeavour would never support such things.

But I’m interested in listening to audiobooks. I’ve got thousands of e-books that could possibly converted if there’s such a way also. And I’m not opposed to paying for it, I just will not sned money to the likes of Amazon for instance.

Thanks in advance.

Ideally this works on my phone (grapheneOS) while I walk, but if it works on Linux I’m sure I can find a way to save/move it as an audiofile to listen to.

I only use audiobooks if they are in some sane audio format, like mp3, ogg, flac

If it needs a special player, or a constant internet connection, it’s crap and I won’t use it.

Assuming your phone can play mp3, then yes.

I strongly disavow any areas that are grey!

On a completely unrelated note, I’ll DM you about a nice bay where parrots live, it’s my favourite tropical destination. Also, I’ll give you some travelling tips, if you want to have fun in the snow, or digg a hole, or go tracking in Russia…



Try LibriVox:

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I use the Voice Audiobook Player available on f-droid, works really well.

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Off topic, but how would I send a “PM” if inclined to do so? I’ve looked thru all the interface, search, read the rules, etc., and it is not obvious to me yet. Or maybe I’m too noob?

This big, fat, purple button you see when you click on someone’s name…

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Thanks. But I don’t see that button. I guess I’m too noob :wink: Might be nice if that button was shown but disabled if incapable. I can stop looking now at least.

If there is no button, that user has disabled messages from strangers. Try with a different user.

Oh, wait, you’re basic trust level, that’s why… As you become a more regular member, you will gain more functionality.

I have found to generate audiobooks, though I haven’t tried it on proper books, it works nicely with short stories.
Might be worthwhile to you if you don’t mind artifical voices.

I’m a fan of the Great Course series, they have both audio and video, from The Teaching Company.

As an example, here’s their history section: