Audio setup - when sound stops playing I hear a click as if the soundcard is shutting down

I’m having this issue on multiple sound devices which makes me think it must be something to do with pipewire/wireplumber and it’s the same every time, when sound stops I get a faint click as if something has turned my speakers off and when a sound plays it clicks again and I miss the first bit of the audio, so if it was simply a notification sound all I ever get is this tiny click in my ears.
I’m on endevouros, all up to date on a AMD ryzen machine and I’m mainly using a Fiio K3 and senheisser HD599’s but the issue also happens on any bluetooth headset I use or if I turn on the onboard soundcard and plug my headphones in there.

Hello @Sp4rkR4t
Sound issues can be quite complicated to delve into. When you plug in your headphones are you plugging them into the Fiio K3? Or an audio jack on the computer? I don’t have any audio issues nor have I but i only output sound to speakers from the onboard sound card.

You shouldn’t have any issues using the Fiio K3 as i have some others using these types of DACs without issue.

Maybe you should post your hardware also as it might be useful for someone trying to help. Post the url

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

I don’t have anything else at the moment. Lets see what the audio hardware first.

Here’s the system info.

The issue happens with all audio devices and using all audio cards, the onboard jacks, the fiio K3 or a bluetooth connection, it’s like there is a setting somewhere that shuts the audio pipeline down after 5 seconds of no audio output.

First off there is an new UEFI Bios update which has a newer AMD AGESA version ComboV2PI 1208
I think i would update that as a start. Everything looks okay with hardware other than that.

I think I’ve found the issue in the depths of the arch wiki.

Archlinux wiki

I guess you try it and see. I’ve never had any audio issues on any of my laptops or desktops. But i’m only using the existing speakers or plugged in speakers to the sound card.

Adding the wireplumber file solves it, but in my endeavour install the folder location was


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That sounds right. :thinking:

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