Audio output stops when power management turns the screen off

I’m running Endeavour OS with KDE Plasma. I have my power settings configured to turn the screen off 30 secs after the screen is locked, and suspend after 90 minutes of inactivity. I have been using these settings to listen to music/podcasts with wireless headphones for a few months without a problem. Since yesterday, possibly after a package update, the audio cuts off as soon as the screen switches off (after 30 secs), which is not what I want. The audio output is not routed through the monitor in any way. If it matters, I am using a USB audio ‘dongle’ and have all other audio devices disabled. I’m not sure where to start diagnosing this problem, so any help would be most welcome.

I imagine you’ve checked these multiple times now, but sometimes a second set of eyes can spot something. Perhaps share a screenshot of your KDE Energy Saving settings, and Advanced Power Settings (accessible from within Energy Saving).

Thanks Bink, here’s the screenshots:


All seems fine :face_with_monocle:

What are you using to play music? Might that application have a screen/power related setting?

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I’m using Firefox, but I’ve tried it with Strawberry Music Player and it has the same effect.

I’ve found a solution to the problem, although I can’t say I understand what is going on!

If I enable the HDMI audio output device (which I don’t use) then audio playback continues after the screen has blanked, 30 seconds after screen lock, until the PC goes in to standby 90 minutes later. So my sound settings now look like this:

Whereas previously I had the HDMI output device set to ‘Off’:

If anyone has any ideas why I see this behaviour I’d be interested to know.


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Could be a bug. Not sure if this one is known about yet though.

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