Audio not working after every restart or shutdown (after login)

I use endeveros with gnome and after every restart or shutdown whenever I use my laptop again the audio just completely stops working most of the time the output device only shows HDMI(I don’t use external monitor) or sometimes shows speaker as output but still audio doesn’t work or the YouTube video in Firefox doesn’t work.
The temporary solution I am using right now is just after login I switch from PulseAudio to pipewire-pulse or visa-versa.(The one that’s already installed doesn’t work)
This all seems to be happened after an update.

what is your audio
inxi -A

while the neofetch does give us a small amount of information its pretty much useless to your issue.

Try starting with reviewing an posting logs.

Sorry for not posting my logs, but my problem has been solved I just clean reinstalled all Alsa libs and Pipewire packages that seem to do the work for me, thank you for the reply btw.

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