"Audio/Audiophile" article seems bit unclear


there is some confusion in the article although it helped me get the DAC working ± fine. For which I thank you.


  1. “Changing sample rate” section
  • there is no “~/.config/pipewire/pipewire.conf” file… nor “pipewire” folder. Files from “/usr/share/pipewire/” must be copied into “/home/user/.config/pipewire/”
  • “default.clock.rate” - here is not clear whats about. Why “192000” or why is default “48000” when default for computer/digital audio is 44100 Hz? If I’m not wrong.
  1. “USB DAC’s” section
  • there is no mention that in: “Volume control/Configuration” must be device profile set to digital (“Digital stereo (IEC958) Output” or something like that) instead of analog. That’s crucial for USB DAC’s and another similar devices.

  • this part is super confusing:
    " Copy the default configuration of alsa-monitor.conf for pipewire-media-session into ~/.config/pipewire/media-session.d. Then append a new rule-block similar to the following one:"
    There is missing link to “pipewire-media-session” gitlab? (https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/media-session) and typo “for/from”. There is no “alsa-monitor.conf” file on the disk so I guess it should be like that.

  • I got no idea how put more supported formats and sample rates into rules (it’s an array ot whole “actions block”… ?). It should be described more clearly.

Thank you.

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we talking about this one i bet?

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Yes, this article.