Audio and video "mostly" stop playing at random

For the last few days I’ve been having this issue. I thought at first it occurred when I closed my web browser (librewolf, firejailed) or my audio player (audacious) but it’s just happened while changing tabs in my web browser.

Basically, any kind of media stops playing. Some parts of UI like my taskbar widget for audacious will pretend it’s still playing, but no audio is coming out. For videos, ie on youtube or twitch, the video will be in a “playing” state but will only advance by one frame every few seconds, and there will be no audio. MPV won’t play anything either.

This is all fixed with a restart, but I’d like to stop it from happening. Any ideas? Help would be appreciated.

Play a video from hard disk or youtube with mpv verbose option and see the log.

mpv -v URL

Thanks for the suggestion, will do that next time it occurs and report back.

Alright, I did that and this line in particular stands out:

[ao/pulse] The stream is suspended. Bailing out.

You’re not using pipewire? If using pulseaudio, do you have pulseaudio-alsa installed?

I have both those things. So far I’ve tried the solution mentioned here: and have yet to have the issue occur again.

Do you have a primer on pipewire? I have it installed but PulseAudio is still playing everything. Thanks

I… don’t know. I just remember having to choose between pipewire or something else when I was setting up.

The above thing I changed has worked so far. Only had audio drop out after putting the system to sleep and waking it back up, and pulseaudio -k actually worked that time.

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