Attempting to create my own KDE rice

I want to create my very own KDE rice. I am going to download a theme and attempt to modify it via code.

In this link somebody made a pretty good theme (but it is not for KDE)

This is the person’s repo. First of all can I implement the lock screen in KDE?

If I can implement this, I want to modify the lockscreen’s code.

How do I start on all of this, is there some tutorial on how to customise all of this, which code I have to modify etc?

When coding a theme, is it coding in high level or low level?

You will have to use Lua language to modify it

In themes you can find a directory for each available theme.

Such a directory should include at least a theme.lua and optionally icons, wallpaper, and whatever asset you need that is theme-specific

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Can I implement this lock screen in KDE though?

And how easy it is to modify themes using lua lang? Am I using all high level?

Lua is closed to Conky, you need to check your theme then try to modify it little by little inside to understand how it works… then use the Lua link I gave to add what you want…

Are all themes written in Lua?

I’m not on Plasma, I’m using XFCE.
I let a KDE user to answer you…

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From which website did you quote this from I want to further read it?

From your link, I clicked on the file that suppose to give you informations !
You will find also info about More details about the start screen… :wink:

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The Lockscreen and dotfiles you found are for AwesomeWM, a Window-Manager completely configured in LUA. For KDE/Plasma this won’t help you.

If you want to finetune your system in every little detail (with config files) you maybe want to try i3wm or bspwm (similar to AwesomeWM). Of course you should get some information about those before. Windowmanagers are very basic and you have to configure yourself everything you want but it’s fun when you get into it. Just a thought. :smiley:

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Are there config files for KDE as well to play around with?

I believe there are a lot of config files. :sweat_smile:
Maybe this one helps:

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Which one would be more customisable and easier to customisable though, KDE (through config files) or i3wm (or alternatives to that)?

Ok so I am looking at this article (based on the links you have sent me through redit) and I quote from the website

Themes are stored in respective subfolders of share/plasma/desktoptheme. A theme is described by a metadata.desktop file in the top-level directory of such a subfolder.

I get that I can see some of the themes. But through global themes I installed chromeOS theme, but it doesn’t show the folder.


How come only some themes are available?

The DE we proposed on EndeavourOS are vanilla means it’s the original default Plasma that you have… then you are free to build or personnalize the theme you would like…

  • you could imagine that if we bring lot of themes predefined in each DE we are proposing, at the end in spite to have an ISO of 1.6Go it would be bigger.
  • then EndeavourOS will not choose for you what you like but will give you the possibility to choose what you want.

Read this could help you to understand how to setup your theme

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From the WM-side I only used i3wm. I would suggest to look at some config-files and judge yourself if you could achieve what you want with them.
A quick Duckduckgo-search provide you some…

As for Plasma you are looking in the wrong place. The themes you downloaded are in your home-folder:

Tell Dolphin to show the hidden files. (CTRL+H is a standard shortcut for that)


I understand the DEs are in vanilla form.

Thanks for the link mate :slight_smile:

So I could use i3wm alongside with KDE then?
Thanks I will look at the link.

Oh I see thanks.

KDE uses SDDM by default.

Take a look in /usr/share/sddm/themes/ and duplicate anything you find there. Then work on changing bits of code / artwork following the resource at

Something like

# cp /usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze /usr/share/sddm/themes/MY_THEME
# wget -c -P /usr/share/sddm/themes/MY_THEME/components/artwork/ -O background.jpg

for a quick background change to the breeze theme, for example. Image here is just a random aurora.

Good luck!