Attempt to log in ends with logout

Hello! I decided to try a community release. Of the available environments, I like Openbox the best. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to manage. After logging in, it immediately reloads to the login screen. I tried to follow the advice in this topic, but without success Openbox-session not starting (Solved) - #10 by hedies23
I thought maybe the trouble lay somewhere on the driver side, so from the console I installed the correct ones for my card, but that didn’t solve the problem either. I still find it quite hard to navigate in the console, but mc works, so I am able to do most of the editing. Any logs I can post, but I need to know what kind. Thanks in advance for your interest.

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Was this a fresh installation? Which ISO exactly?
Did you use a previously used home partition and also used the same user name?

What exactly have you tried?

You may try deleting $HOME/.Xauthority and retry login.

Else, login from TTY, and try running openbox standalone:

Run openbox or openbox-session with xinit. Note that only openbox-session provides autostart.

Note: After executing openbox-session, there is only a blank grey screen. Try to move your mouse and right click to get an openbox menu to make sure that it is actually working.

On failure, if there is a short error message, get a photo and post it here.
Else, get journal and Xorg logs:

journalctl -b -p3
journalctl --user -b
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log
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Online installation selected from the installer. Disk quite clean, one partition. There are no errors on the screen, as when system relog, I only see the previous systemd boot messages. I’ll try to post logs soon.

inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog
this one can be used from the livesession too…
Its most likely an issue with gpu driver…

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is this related to picom by any chance?

(try disabling picom altogether)


About openbox and picom have look here. For dex related here

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The result of the command inxi is here: Now I use the phone as a bridge for the network. I don’t really know the easiest way to upload the other logs.

In the meantime, I studied the Arch wiki and found this command openbox --reconfigured after reboot, i see the desktop!