Asus ROG Strix g18 lagging

Hello! I’ve got a new laptop, but thing is that even while sporting a 13th generation i9 the notebook sometimes has lags so terrible that even mouse stutters or even doesn’t respond at all. These lags seem to happen during CPU heavy tasks like compiling a project in Android Studio. At the same time I’ve tested Baldur’s Gate 3 for few hours and never got even a slightest delay. The lags don’t happen every time I compile or build something but I haven’t witnessed them while doing anything else. It feels that something stops CPU from using all of the resources… After the lag has occured PC stays in such state for a long time the only thing that helps is a reboot. While setting up the machine I ahd a clean install of the freshest EndevaourOS ISO and followed this guide.

You didn’t post any specs, so just googled the latest model. Gonna assume it has intel integrated graphics and nvidia dedicated graphics, so maybe some of that hybrid graphics shenanigans going on is my best guest.

The biggest issue I had with my gaming laptop was thermal throttling. I had a long ways to go on both cpu and GPU but could never get there without over heating

Yeah, I’ve omitted specs because I wasn’t sure what’s important to mention. Yes, my machine has hybrid graphics, but I have to dedicated mode in ROG control center, so it’s only dedicated video card I’ve thgought it’d be better.

It does feel like throttling! When I’ve played BG3 the fans started right away, but with the Android Studio I’ve never heard the fans.