Asus laptop stuck at logo/black screen during boot not showing systemd-boot entries

Hello, as the title says, after update a few days ago I started having this problem. At first, i was able to get systemd-boot list and enter the system after a few tries, and I did reinstall kernel which seemed to have fixed the issue but i was wrong. I cannot get entries to show anymore, I chroot-ed from endeavourISO and did reinstall-kernels but it didn’t fixed it. Tried searching for the solution on the web but that didn’t work out.

If anyone can guide me in troubleshooting I would much appreciate it.

Disable CSM in the BIOS.

Unfortunately, I don’t have options for CSM in my bios, so that won’t do. Any other suggestion?

if chroot does not help, maybe my method can work:

Thank you for the suggestion, I will probably not do it now (maybe as last resort) since i think it’s rather dirty and Windows-esque way of fixing it. I was able to boot into main OS because boot-menu list showed again (it’s random, sometimes it shows them after a few tries selecting Linux Boot Manager during boot but today it really did not for a long time and I just happened to be lucky now).

Just wanted to say that I still didn’t found solution :cry:.
If anyone has suggestion please fell free to say it.

Did you try this and did it not work?

Yes I did and at first thought that it was fixed, but after shutdown caused by bug when waking from sleep (whole another issue that happens rarely) it happened again? I was thinking to just switch to GRUB but I wanted to give systemd-boot a try and it really wasn’t giving me problems when I started with it. I think problems began after an random update (i forgot if power and internet went down during that update). I don’t think my packages are broken since i updated them multiple times after this problem first ocurred (both using yay and yay -Syyu). Maybe there is a problem with packages but I’m not sure. I can of course do a reinstall of whole EOS or switch to GRUB but that would defeat the point of using Arch-based distro or Linux in general.

Ok, after some messing around and trying stupid things to maybe fix the issue (because i still wouldn’t do complete reinstall of the whole system) i checked once again kernel parameters inside /etc/kernel/cmdline and stumbled upon this line resume=UUID=..., at first I thought nothings of it, but after I searched the web I came to the conclusion it is for the hibernation if I’m not mistaken. That wouldn’t really cause any concern if it wasn’t for the fact that I purposefully disabled hibernation when I installed Endeavour. After I removed the that line (resume=UUID=...) problem was solved (whether intentionally or unintentionally it didn’t matter to me).

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