Assigning workspace to a specific monitor

I have 3 monitors HDMI-0, DP-0 and DP-2, I would like to have workspace 1, 2, 3 and 4 assigned to DP-0, workspace 5, 6, 7 and 8 to HDMI-0 and workspace 9 to DP-2.

I found something about this in the Qtile documentation, but as a newbie I honestly can’t get through it. I currently just use the default config from the community version. My lack of understanding starts with the fact that I don’t know in which of the files contained in .config/qtile/ I have to put the whole thing.

Can someone help me here or know someone a good step by step guide?

Hello @Neum,
You can study this as an example:
If you paste the contents of dark windows (from top to bottom) by clicking the upper right (copy) corners into
Although it’s not the final solution you want, but a good starting point and it is working. I’ve tested.
Super + Shift + Left and Right moves the active window to an adjacent screen. should include the xrandr lines or can be easily produced by arandr.

i used autorandr and there is no looking back