Assigning user plasma-desktop to a specific console/terminal?

I have myself and my spouse as a user w/ separate (graphical/plasma desktop) accounts and we can switch between them with some, but few, problems. We switch using ctrl+alt+F1, F2, F3, etc.

The first person to log in after a reboot usually gets F2, don’t know why it’s not F1. Sometimes it is F1 though. Then if switch to a log in to the different user it usually is F3, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it ends up on console F4 or even F7 with the tty terminals prompts in the others. In other words, it’s not consistent.

Is there a way to “pin” or assign a user to always log in under console 2 and then have my wife always log in her account under console 3, etc. That way it would always be ctrl+alt+F2 for me and F3 for her no matter how/when we logged in?

I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well, I don’t know the exact terminology as this is not my strong suit.

Welcome on board @nertskull
If I understand your switching problem install
yay -S plasma6-applets-uswitch
then right-click to taskbar + Add Widgets… and type usw and click to USwitcher
Switch (the traditional way) to your spouse’s account and repeat this widget adding there as well.
You will see at the right side of your taskbar behind the user names the USwitcher widget

If you right-click to USwitch widget select Configure USwitcher / Keyboard Shortcut and select a
not used combination Alt+F10 as an example to activate it without mouse.
During user switch the target user password is needed by default password settings.

This is a great solution, not what I was thinking at all but it works great. Thank you!

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