Asking for help and guidance with reinstalling GRUB and fixing the boot partition/ Legacy BIOS/GPT

Still, the forest is burnt down in large parts, me ventures to fathom. :heart_eyes:

Well, the Hackintosh party era is definitely over and will end in maybe 4-5 years completely with only Apple silicone chips, on that ancient old hardware El Capitan was the last version.
Windows is sadly still the dominant OS for audio applications and audio work, so its really needed but its now only for offline workstation usage.
Linux is my “everyday tool” of choice for almost everything now.

Well I am getting old (or i am already) but its nice to have you to refresh my memory have things could have been installed :yum:

I knew that there must be something about it !!! :grin: Now i can clearly remember that when installing EOS the installer asked me/forced the creation of that partition, otherwise it would not allow to proceed the installation. I just forgot that it was called “installation with blocklists” …just so suspicious seeing it in Gparted with no file system, no name…an undefined thing :grin:

Thank you for that wonderful explanation, you got it completely right and i learned something new that i yesterday didn´t knew.

Exactly to the point !!

  • The OSX partitions OSs only booted with Clover or Opencore bootloader as these are doing the UEFI/EFI emulation
  • Everything else (Debian, WinOS, EnOS) is Legacy and able to be booted from the Bios

My backstorys already were too long and took me hours to formulate and in the end did more confusion as something helpful it seems, but in your case you do have a pretty good comprehension !! Thanks for that !! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to try your solution as it now seems completely obvious how to proceed, but in the meantime (yesterday, late evening before your helpful post was written) i was trying how to get EFI mode. So i found a solution and i was able to reinstall Grub and get back into my EOS installation. Problem solved !! Even when i to that point in time don´t know i the solution ist the best working one for future usage.

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So yesterday late evening i couldn´t stop tinkering with that damned problem (needed to get into my system to do work) and i found a kind of solution to reinstall grub and boot into my EOS installation.
I booted via an old Clover Bootloader USB stick the EOS installer (also on USB), so i ended up in EFI mode, arch-chrooted in my old system and reinstalled GRUB with grub-install and grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg. This was just a matter of seconds and everything was done.
Booting with Clover (which does the EFI emulation) i can get into the OSX installs in the clover menu and theres also a Linux entry in the menu, from which i get further to the Grub menu with all the Linux OSs, so its nested. From there i am able to boot back to my lost EOS partition (arch and arch-rt-lts, the fallbacks and even into debian which is on SDD2) and I am kind of happy with that solution for now but…
Need to also install OpenCore (Bootloader, newer than Clover) in the EFI partition because without it theres no EFI mode, so just the blinking GRUB _ curser. For getting into the Windows bootchain i still will have to change the bootdrive to SSD2 as from Clover/OpenCore i won´t get into them it seems.

Happy for now but no ultimate solution :wink:

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Awesome! You have converted your system to UEFI! :smile:
Nevertheless, IMHO, you should not forget/skip this advice:

… if you haven’t already.

I suppose it is not really needed for you, after all this (new?) knowledge and experience. grub can be configured in several ways, if you look into the manual. :wink:

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