(as superuser) is appended in flatpak window titlebars

Hello , this isnt a big deal but it kinda annoys me and i am wondering can I somehow change it so it doesnt show up anymore , i have done a lot of distro hop but never something so small annoyed me tbh . Thanks
Screenshot at 2022-11-11 23-26-19

Are you running those applications as root or with sudo?

no , i tried all methods , I went to applications menu and clicked . I went to the shortcut I created on top panel , same thing and I also run through terminal the flatpak run com… command (without sudo) and in all cases it still persists .

Does it only happen on flatpaks?

yes indeed it exists only on flatpaks

hm with your observation that it happens only in flatpak apps I found that it is a problem that happened to others here is the forum https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/why-do-flatpak-programs-have-as-superuser-in-the-title-bar-4175645382/ . Thank you for helping me !

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