Artemis artwork

I have added the wallpapers used in the release announcements to the community wallpapers folder and the Apollo saturn wallpaper to the EOS classic folder

The names of the announcement images are:

  • Endy_planet,
  • Endy_planet_ARM,
  • EOS_planets_Artemis,
  • EOS_planets_Artemis_ARM,
  • Orion_sky_dark,
  • Orion-sky-ARM
  • stars
  • stars_ARM

You can fetch them to click on “download more wallpapers” in the welcome app or you can select them over here:



Is the wallpaper above not in the Community Editions? I searched, but couldn’t find it, I only found the Purple EndeavourOS rocket one, but not this lovely red ARM one. The above is an image I edited from a screenshot Joe had posted during the .iso development, but now that Artemis is out, I’d sure love to use the actual original source image instead of using a screenshot of a screenshot that I edited :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks for posting this, it’s very helpful too :+1:

My bad, I thought that one was the default ARM wallpaper. I will upload it.

No worries, thanks for the help :smile:

Orion-sky-ARM has been added also.

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