Armory Create on Linux

Hi there!
I was thinking that I want use linux as a my daily driver. The thing is, I have an ASUS laptop (Rog Strix G531GT). But I have no idea if there is any software like Armory Create where I be able to manage the fans control and the turbo boost, leds, etc.

On the other hand, I’d like to know if it possible to configure a GPU passthrough on this laptop using my Intel GPU for linux and Nvidia for my VM.

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AFAIK Asus is not providing Armory Crate for Linux… and the is also not replacing tool, also it could be possible to control the things you want…

Passthrough looks like it could work . . .

And welcome at the purple side of Linux :enos:

Maybe this is of some interest?

@Dragonaut : I have this laptop too as my daily driver. I use ROGAURACORE to control my keyboard lighting:
I then put that into my path, and make a shell script to activate it;

sudo ~/rogauracore/rogauracore multi_static 000055 0000cc 0000aa 000099

save as
then chmod +X
then ./
Lo and behold! Blue keys! :smiley:

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Thank you! I’ll check the links.
@ricklinux I’ll check this too.

Eventually I’ll be updating this post with something useful about my journey.