[ARM] My apologies for the missing how to

My apologies for the confusion on the reveal of Arm caused by the lack of instructions. I had prepared and intended to publish the two how to instructions Saturday morning in time for the Arm introduction.

It was either because it was my birthday, or maybe more importantly because I just hit the big seven Oh! :scream_cat: it slipped my mind. Probably my Halfzheimer’s again.

The two tutorials are now posted.

Again, I apologize for any confusion it caused.



I hate it when that happens! Around out family, my mother decided that CRAFT disease was a better explanation.


Can’t Remember A F_&*(% Thing

I couldn’t believe it when she told me this - she was 86 at the time, and I never heard that word from her in my entire life! :grin:

I’d say - not to worry - my average time from deciding something is ready to release, and finding something to fix is about an hour…


I just read over the install part 1 and 2. I’m impressed I got as far as I did in the install process after reading that. There’s A LOT of little things I definitely didn’t do correctly, which I’m sure had a lot to do with my issues. I’ll be up in a bit to give it a go again. I should be significantly more successful this time.

Thanks for the more in depth write up. And 70? We’ve got some wisdom here!! You’re just a few years older than I am. That’s awesome!


I want to remind the lovely community also that they are welcome to contribute, the way it is working now is not carved in stone.

If you have a nice idea to enhance the scripts or any suggestions it will be a pleasure to discuss test and tinker with that!


At this point EndeavourOS Arm is a new adventure. So put on your Daniel Boone coon skin hat and play pioneer. Sorry I made it harder than it had to be.

The RPi4 with the 64 bit OS and anyone of the DEs is in my opinion a very acceptable desktop for most daily routines.

It’s obviously not for serious gaming, but there are some good retro gaming emulators available for Arm. An example, although not for RPi4, Ameridroid has a link to EMUELEC for a retro gaming emulator. The link goes to an ETAprime video review of EMUELEC for the Odroid on a Odroid C4. At this point, Archlinux arm does NOT YET support the Odroid C4, however the EMUELEC also runs on the Odroid N2+ which should run it even better than the C4.

Since uSD cards are fairly inexpensive, a SanDisk high speed UH1 32 GB uSD card is $9 USD at Wally World. So you can have one uSD for an EndeavourOS desktop. Power down, slide out one uSD and put in another, reboot and you now have a nice retro gaming emulator. Dual booting that is dead simple.

Anyway, have fun with your RPi4.


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It’s ok. I’m glad I could be the one to go thru it and hopefully not someone new to endeavour or Linux in general. So far I’ve gotten further in 15 minutes than I did in a couple hours yesterday.

And I bought this rpi for literally one thing only.

So I can watch NFL games on my tv via the internet/vpn. Hahaha. Do as long as I can open Firefox with any decent video quality, I’ll be very happy.

UPDATE: I’m officially up and running. Your two new posts were substantially more helpful! A little more tweaking and I think it’ll be fantastic! I’m pioneering away. My coon skin hat fits over the tinfoil better than I thought!