ARM iso for installing as VM in Apple Silicon?

Hi is there an iso for ARM that would allow me to install the distro as a VM on Apple Silicon ?

You might find some helpful info here:

I have EndeavourOS running on my MBP in Parallels and pretty much followed this guide. I did that quite some time back, so not sure if anything has changed and don’t remember too many details from setting it up. I honestly don’t use it that much (I was just setting it up to see if I could), but I start that instance up every now and then to update using yay. No problems so far, but I don’t really do much on there except web browsing.

Ok.That would be a start. Ideally I’d prefer to be able to do a clean install, without relying on previously made pvm images by someone. Would this be possible ?

I never went looking for a clean install method. I was pretty comfortable starting with a minimal Arch Linux ARM pvm. I am sure there is a way to accomplish a clean install, but I never figured out anything like that. sorry.