Arm install fails after first update, missing BTRFS

I’ve installed EOS Arm on my Parallels VM. During my first yay/pacman -Syu I get prompted to replace linux-aarch64 with endeavors/linux-eos-arm.

When I say yes to this replacement, my next boot fails with a kernel panic. I can see that it’s failing to mount root, and it’s trying a few filesystems but BTRFS isn’t included. I was booting before without issue, and I have btrfs-progs installed (and I reinstalled it after switching kernels to see if that would help.)

What am I missing? Does linux-eos-arm have zero BTRFS support?

linux-eos-arm is for Pinebook pro… basic click " N "

Good to know, thanks!

Glad it’s a VM and I have a snapshot from prior to the upgrade.

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